Eat bananas

This work has developed out of an interest in postcolonialism. A native of Korea with colonial experience, I was inspired by a monument to the Commonwealth memorial gate in Hyde Park. In my artwork, the banana is symbol of people from colonized countries in the past, and “KEEP CALM and EAT BANANA” represent minorities such as homosexuality. The video which shows the change of process of a banana also expresses it about human life like the circle of nature. The banana is easy to buy and eat everywhere, but many people do not know about the banana’s background such as ‘banana massacre’. The public do not know that ‘How longtime workers work in the banana farm’, ‘How about the condition of their workplace’. I know sadly people are not interested in it. However, we can see that it is easy to find products which is similar banana. In regard to this, I believe that there are many sacrifices made for the conveniences which we enjoy. 

Relate to research – Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison (Documentary)

Mixed media.  30 x 45 x142 cm ( W x L x H cm ) 2019

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