American dream

The whole world is still central to Western culture, they are still trying to control the world. 

However, without the sacrifice and labor of the Third World countries, could they have maintained their present mighty power?

I satirize their behavior with fan and flag made in China.

Flag and fan manufactured in china


After the Cold War, the United States has imposed sanctions on many countries to maintain its economic dominance. Typical the U.S. and Iranian situations show that the U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran because it supports terrorist groups, but most people know it is because of oil. The U.S. defines the Middle East as the region of the wealthiest value, which is in fact related to oil. The situation in the U.S. and China, too, has economically cooperated with each other in many ways, but the U.S. presses China with tariffs to keep a fast-growing China in check. As a result, China also kept the U.S. in check, causing much damage to neighbouring countries in the two countries’ economic struggles.
In my point of view, I think the United States is trying to control many countries in order to maintain its economy. This has not changed significantly, with only different methods and methods of looting resources from colonial countries in the past. Human society no longer seems to be forming an ideological confrontation between communism and capitalism, but a new colony by the economy.

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