; body

The group exhibition ; body by five Korean artists opens up a variety of discourses around human body.
​The participating artists, whose work covers diverse practices, investigate the social, spatial, and political possibilities of human body as a nucleus of the exhibition, and present their own artistic interpretation of body. 

Youngye Cho’s(b.1988) organic interpretation of body movement and dance motions is
materialised through her textile work, Silhouette(2019). Focusing on various forms of transformation through different viewpoints and shadows of object, she interprets the bodily movement based on the idea of ‘square’, and transforms the rhythmic images of the body into fibre art which features geometrical lines and shapes. 

A realistic representation of the human body is more apparent in Jaehyung Um’s (b.1990) painting series Solar Eclipse (2019) and Lunar Eclipse(2019), in which the organic materiality of human bodies makes a sharp contrast to the bright colours of the geometric landscape within the frame. Jeahyung explores the ideas that exist between memory and place through the temporal and seasonal movements of human bodies in relation to the experiences of travel and tourism. 

Sun-youl Kim (b.1983) has been expressing how individuals should respond to the uniformly changing social system under the economic logic of free markets through human figures. In Negotiation(2019), Sun-youl seeks to satirise the power structures constituted after the Cold War through the realistic bodies of figures. 

In Sora Park’s (b.1992) oxytocin (2019), the concept of body has extended into digital space.
Departing from the aesthetic trends of wearable design and lifestyle, she investigates how personal digital devices extend the concept of body, hold sway over how we feel and perceive, and change how we communicate.

Yongchan Lim re-interprets objects as sign and proposes the construction of new narratives around objects. In his sculpture Screenshot(2017), the body of a television with figurative criminal effects from the media explores the possibility of storytelling through an object. 

I had my first outside group exhibition in England, not in colleges. We had several meetings and tried to keep the formality. Although they are all Koreans, most of them have studied in other colleges or are doing. We could share a lot of things. Personally, I think it was a good experience to observe people’s reactions to my new works.

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