Brave new world.

My previous work has been expressed in various ways by economic power, that the countries of colonial experience are still in a culturally and politically colonial state.

In the latest work, it is a solemn Propaganda sculpture in front, but behind it has created an ironic sculpture holding a Mickey Mouse glove and a headband that symbolizes capitalism. When I think earlier about why imperial countries in the past still have power, the common thing is that they have considerable economic power.

Also, mega companies with considerable economic power in them are looking for new developing countries in looking for cheap labor and resources for their advantage.

Currently, many companies in the U.S. want to enter North Korea to import cheap natural resources. I wondered, when sudden external technology met, would they have a brave new world?

Even now, North Korea is trying to negotiate with the U.S. through many military actions. It is an unexpected move for North Korea, which has long been isolated from the outside world amid U.S. economic sanctions. So what are they trying to do through the market opening?

In other communist countries such as China and Vietnam, rapid economic development has been achieved through the market opening and continues to grow. Does North Korea do this for its economic growth? What do they really want?

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