Pink Floyd “Animals” Album Cover

Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism, which it started reading on the recommendation of a tutor in a one to one tutorial, On the first page of the book, it mentions the image of a pig balloon on top of a Battersea Power Station, the cover of the Pink Floyd’s Animal’s album. I saw the building several times because it was under construction near the college, but I didn’t know it was so famous that it was used as an album cover for a famous band. Anyway, the album cover was inspired by George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm” and It was a moment that reminded me of the animal farm that I read as a child. Animals that have gained freedom from humans but are victimized and exploited by pigs of high knowledge, pigs walking on two feet as if they were humans after all. This novel was published in 1945, and it allegorically expresses the times of that time. However, even after 75 years, human society has not changed much.

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