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My work is to conduct an examination of the human body as a cultural by-product that reflects the perspectives of society. The body that is proposed in my work is “material” that is absent of any human character, and is the result of the image of the desires of humans based on the combination and reconfiguration of geometrical shapes. The bubbles that have fancy and vibrant colors in my work can be viewed as fat cells being dispersed and they can also be viewed as the bubbles in our society that are slowly disappearing or being burst. Images in these forms are an expression of our lives and express only the desire of humans, or in other words the only thing that remains after our physical bodies are removed. The fundamental existence of “I/me” disappears leaving behind only the political and social remnants.
Through my work I have been able to examine the physical identities that humanity has been able to take on, for example, discrimination based on outward appearances, and our appearances where only typicality exists with the absence of uniqueness, and I was also to think about the problems in the lives of humans related to desire, and the problems where our fundamental identities disappear and certain ideologies or objects etc. are made into social issues and by imitating and copying these issues, based on the movements and trends of our society that attempt to receive recognition for one’s values based on this imitation and copying, I was able to think about the type of world that we should plan for and worry about in the future. Through these works of sculpture, by achieving a recomposition of these images, not only as sculpture installations, but through new approach methods that are appropriate for various media, I wish to open up new possibilities for my work.