American First.

bleach, manual respirator, single video, 2020

The development of information communication technology has brought us the opportunity to receive an enormous amount of information, and through simple portal site search, we can easily get the information we want. This situation can deliver more professional and accurate information to humans like double-edged swords, but on the contrary, it can be easily exposed to fake information. Not long ago, there was an incident in which the president of a country almost caused a lot of casualties by delivering false information to people during a public speech.

Idea sketch

There is no hero.

Mixed media, Variable installation, 2020

When we watch block-buster films that are attracting attention around the world, we can easily see a certain country – America or Americans – fighting for humanity and saving the planet. In fact, they interfere and influence conflicts in many countries around the world. However, the worldwide spread of the coronavirus from a few months ago has degenerated the United States to the world’s largest numbers of virus infections and deaths. They shouted that the United States was the best in the world, but they were knelt down by the invisible virus. Nevertheless, as in the film, the heroes who appeared when the crisis approached humanity were never seen.


No one can stop it!

My work basically focuses on satirizing the ironic situation in which the imperialist countries of the past still want to control the whole human race. this work is ongoing, and I am producing inspired by the incident in which the United States killed an Iranian military commander using an unmanned drone. The United States, with its strong economic and military power, flaunts its power to the world under the pretext of protecting its own people and maintaining world peace for its own interests.

With advances in technology, human life has changed in many ways from the past, but the laws of the jungle still exist regardless of the passage of time. The person wearing a pig mask represents a giant power that is unsatisfied, and as if the U.S. were using unmanned drones to kill its enemies, I think, at any time, they control the world as if they were playing a game